who is alexdesigns?

Earning for himself the nick “the hitman” for handling difficult tasks that other artist have rejected, Alexander Pascual is more popularly known to his clients as "Alexdesigns". He is a Filipino graphic designer who can deliver and perform well even under extreme pressure.

Alex's main passion and occupation is graphic design. Since childhood the smell of ink on newly printed books or magazines always fascinated him. Even then he could already see beauty in the way the arrangement of fonts and images are presented. His parents and teachers have seen that his love for graphic design has been instilled in him early in life but it was only in 1989 when he first got into computers that he began his digital artworks. As things started to evolve in desktop publishing and his knowledge continuously improving, his work as a graphic designer became a real passion.

After almost two decades, Alex is still seeking opportunities where he can use his design skills and creativity to produce visual solutions that will inform, impress and inspire.

selected work samples

My online portfolio is currently being updated but you may visit the following links to see a few of my works on the web:


"Design is everything. Everything!"
— Paul Rand

"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well."
—Brian Reed

"Don't play what's there. Play what's not there."
—Miles Davis